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Third Covid Wave - Here’s How You Can Protect Your Business!

The third wave of Covid is advancing gradually across the globe and the infection rates are rising. To keep your company functional and healthy during this period, consider these effective strategies.

The third wave of Covid is advancing gradually across the globe and the infection rates are rising. Since the start of February, Europe has seen the spread of new variants of Covid-19 and there is a fear that the number of cases will continue increasing. Several countries are imposing strict measures and it seems like we are going to face another phase of lockdown. 

In this situation, as a business owner, are you ready to face any financial blows to your company? Are you prepared for another lockdown? Do you want to see your business suffer again like it did in 2020? Definitely not because there’s already so much at stake! During this third wave of pandemic if you take a proactive approach, you’ll be able to protect your employees, visitors, and overall business very effectively. 

You just have to think out of the box and learn to adjust the way you work during this time of uncertainty. To keep your company functional and healthy during this period, consider these effective strategies:

Give priority to health and safety

As a business owner, you must put your and your staff’s health and safety first. Take adequate measures and steps to minimize the spread of the virus in your commercial building or facility. These steps include wearing of masks, social distancing, frequent sanitization, and splitting of shifts. It is always wise to establish rules and procedures for the employees to report anything suspicious such as if one is feeling unwell or suspect exposure to any kind of infection. 

Be ready to adapt

The pandemic has changed our lives drastically and only those businesses are flourishing that have a proactive approach. You must understand that the business plans that were valid one year ago aren’t effective today because things have changed. You have to make a plan for your business to analyze all the stages during this crisis. You can cut down some costs like new hires, marketing, and travelling because it will help you through.  

Reexamine the cleaning procedures 

You might already be taking steps to clean your working area, but if you haven’t reevaluated the cleaning processes in the near future, it is time to do so now. So how often is your office or building cleaned? Daily, once a week, or twice a week? 

Whatever the routine and frequency of your cleaning procedure is, it is time to revamp it and hike up the whole process. You have to think about improving the cleaning procedures and speed up the frequency of cleaning. Following are some tips:

  • Ask everyone to disinfect the high-touch surfaces regularly
  • Stock up your office with disinfectants, sanitizers, and soaps
  • Encourage the employees to wash hands frequently
  • Request the sick employees or visitors to avoid visiting your office

Install the Anti-Germ Dome

The reason why we are emphasizing on installing the Anti-Germ Dome in your commercial building is not because it’s our product, but because it is the need of this age. The Anti-Germ Dome is installed on the door handles and it prevents the spread of infections in buildings and offices. It is designed especially for the door handles because they are high-touch surfaces and we believe that they are one of the main sources of the spread of infection. 

The device emits UVC light and disinfects the surface of the door handle that is carrying the pathogens. The device emits directional ultraviolet light which inactivates the viruses and bacteria and thus stops them from becoming contagious.

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