Installation & Maintenance

Keeping your Anti-Germ Dome running is quick and easy.

How to Install

The Anti-Germ Dome is installed in just four steps, allowing you to easily outfit your entire building in no time.
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Calibrate the Height

Use the included height setter tool to ensure full UVC coverage on all door handles.

Insert Mounting Bracket

Slide the Mounting Bracket into the height setter slot.

Install Mounting Bracket

Using the included screws or tape, affix the mounting bracket to your door.

Mount the AGD

Slide the AGD device onto the mounting bracket.

Safety AND Security

The Anti-Germ Dome comes standard with a lock and key mechanism to keep your devices securely attached to your doors.

To unlock the device for recharging or maintenance, simply insert the key into the opening at the top of the device and apply slight pressure towards the back of the unit. This will release the lock and allow you to slide the Anti-Germ Dome out of its mounting bracket.

Perfect Height Calibration

The Anti-Germ Dome comes with an easy-to-use height setter tool to make sure your device is at the proper height for maximum coverage.

This also ensures uniform alignment across all doors in your facility.

Recharging your AGD

When the battery has approximately 10% of its charge left, the small red LED indicator located on the front side of the AGD will flash on and off. This indicates it is time to recharge your AGD.

To recharge your AGD, slide the AGD off the mounting bracket and plug the AGD into the battery charger (included in your delivery box). The battery charger then plugs into a wall socket. The recharge process will take approximately 300 minutes to fully recharge the unit. The LED indicator located on the back side of the AGD will remain red until the AGD is fully recharged. When the LED indicator located on the back side of the AGD turns from red to green, the recharging process is complete.

When fully charged, your AGD should provide approximately 1160 one-minute disinfection cycles before needing to be recharged.

Cleaning your AGD

The Anti-Germ Dome is a self-cleaning device that does not require regular cleaning. Do not use disinfectants or chemical elements of any kind to attempt to clean the UVC LEDs contained in your Anti-Germ Dome, as this can compromise their effectiveness.  If necessary, you can wipe the Anti-Germ Dome with a dry rag, but be sure to avoid touching the UVC LEDs.

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