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Keep your School Safe with the Anti-Germ Dome

Parents and teachers’ top concern is safety - see how Anti-Germ Dome can help.

During this pandemic, the teachers and the school administration are working day and night to find out ways to teach their students. They are trying their best so that they could navigate the new normal and take the students along with them on the road of education. In some parts of the world, schools are still closed while in others they are re-opening with strict SOPs. The schools are paying more attention to strengthening the cleanliness and disinfection methods so that the teachers, staff and students can work and learn in a safe environment. 

Parents and teachers’ top concern is safety

According to a recent survey, around 77% of parents are worried that their children might contract the coronavirus at school, and around 76% teachers are concerned about getting infected with covid at school. Majority of the parents and teachers agreed that it is imperative to practice daily sanitization and disinfection practices at school. In an effort to prevent the risk and spread of Covid-19 in the schools and other educational facilities, education ministers are working hard to create a safe environment. 

What is UV disinfection and how can it help?

UV disinfection is a technique used to kill the pathogens. Ultraviolet-C is a type of UV radiation that has germicidal properties and is proving to be very effective for killing the germs. The UV-C light inactivates the viruses, bacteria, including the coronavirus; it does so by damaging the molecular bonds of the RNA and DNA. This way the pathogens can’t grow and they aren’t able to infect anyone. 

UVC is proven by clinical experiments and tests and is being used for disinfection for more than a century. It’s only during the pandemic that its importance and benefits have been realized on a greater extent and various institutions are using it to create a safe environment. In earlier days, UV disinfection was used only in medical facilities and hospitals to control the spread of tuberculosis, lupus, measles and other diseases. For decades, this method of disinfection has been in practice in hospitals to prevent the Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) and to reduce the viral load in such places. Currently, there is no such microorganism on earth that is resistant to the UVC radiation. 

Schools are turning to UVC disinfection

As recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the school administration and leaders are looking forward to adopting best healthcare practices for their institutions. This is because the traditional cleaning and disinfection methods aren’t enough to fight the virus and prevent the spread. Though these cleaning methods are important too, most of the high-touch surfaces are in continuous use and are missed too when manual cleaning and disinfection methods are used. The UVC is powerful and has abilities to destroy 99% of the germs on the surface and in air. Thus, it is very effective in reaching those areas where the manual cleaning has been missed. 

Meet the Anti-Germ Dome: Designed especially for high traffic areas

Schools and educational institutions are high traffic places and they need to be disinfected and sanitized properly.The Anti-Germ Dome is designed particularly for such places where there is high traffic and the high-touch surfaces are at risk. The device is installed on the door handles and it emits directional UVC light to wipe off all the pathogens that are present on the surface of the door handles. With the AGD, the school administration can:

  • Disinfect without using toxic chemicals- The UVC is a non-toxic and chemical free disinfection method and thus it is very environment friendly. It can be used around humans, plants, and animals. 
  • Destroy 99.99% of pathogens within minutes- The AGD was designed for quick and efficient disinfection of surfaces.
  • Save on labor costs with manual cleaning methods- The device can sanitize and disinfect the high touch surfaces within minutes, and since it operates automatically and continuously, there is no need to hire additional staff for operating it or cleaning the surfaces. 

The Anti-Germ Dome is on a mission to help the school administration open the schools and get back to normal. We are committed to provide a safer and Covid-free environment for the teachers, staff, and school so that the sick leaves are reduced and learning is made easier.

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