About Us

We strive to make homes, workplaces, venues, healthcare facilities, and all other places a safer environment for all who work or visit.

Our Mission

The idea for the Anti-Germ Dome was conceived in 2006, after growing frustrated with ill coworkers showing up to the office and spreading germs on commonly touched surfaces. Out of necessity, Dean Schumacher set out to design a tool that would stop germs in their tracks. After concluding that door handles were the most commonly accessed single point of germ transmission, Dean built a prototype of the Anti-Germ Dome.

After several years of research and development and acquiring multiple utility patents, Dean’s invention was ready to be deployed. Germ Dome Industries now sells Anti-Germ Dome to US and internationally-based hospitals, educational institutions, correctional facilities, and commercial office spaces. With an eye for the future, Germ Dome Industries continues to innovate on their success and provide products that improve one’s quality of life. High traffic locations are a fact of life; with Anti-Germ Dome, getting sick doesn't have to be.

A Patented Solution

Anti-Germ Dome’s innovative design is protected by multiple US Utility Patents. For more information or to get in contact with patent questions, click the link below.

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High Quality Manufacturing

The Anti-Germ Dome is built with the highest quality components and is backed by the company’s satisfaction guaranteed commitment.

Take Your Health in Your Hands

Revolutionize the way you sanitize your environment by stopping harmful viruses at the source of transmission. Purchase an Anti-Germ Dome today and keep your employees and visitors safe and healthy.