Easy to Install

The Anti-Germ Dome can be installed in just a few steps, allowing you to easily outfit your entire building in no time.

How to Install
Kills 99.99% of Germs

Powerful germicidal LEDs within the device zap germs, killing 99.99% of bacteria within seconds.

How it Works
Gives Peace of Mind

With pandemics an unfortunate reality, we are doing our part to keep you, your visitors, and your employees healthy.

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What Makes Anti-Germ Dome Unique?

The Anti-Germ Dome is designed with health, safety, affordability and convenience in mind.
Eliminates Germs

The Anti-Germ Dome features three deep ultraviolet LEDs strategically positioned to provide maximum coverage for most door handles. Each LED emits germicidal light that eliminates 99.9% of surfacebourne bacteria and viruses.

No Chemical Residue

Protect employees and visitors from harsh chemicals and preserve your door’s finish with non-contact ultraviolet disinfection. Anti-Germ Dome silently disinfects door handles after each use to stop the transmission of germs.

Zero Maintenance

Reduce custodial and maintenance costs with Anti-Germ Dome’s easy-to-install cradle system design. The unit does not require any maintenance or service other than keeping it charged.

Safe for Contact

Anti-Germ Dome’s patented design reduces exposure to UVC wavelengths by quickly shutting off when people approach the door handle. This is accomplished by employing a highly accurate proximity sensor positioned to detect human presence within 12 inches of the device.

Fits Existing Doors

Anti-Germ Dome is easily installed to work with most door handles. The unit can be easily installed on existing doors to avoid costly construction and maintenance costs.

How Does UV Germicidal Irradiation Work?

  • Ultraviolet Germicide

    Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation, or UVGI, uses a type of ultraviolet light called UVC. The short wavelength of UVC kills bacteria by disrupting their DNA and destroying nucleic acid.

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  • Inability to Multiply

    While not all microbes are destroyed immediately, their ability to multiply is hindered, slowing the spread of bacteria and viruses.

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Laboratory Tested,
Real-World Proven

The Anti-Germ Dome has undergone rigorous tests throughout the development cycle to ensure that it can consistently kill germs in concentrations far greater than those found in most environments. This ensures that the AGD is equipped to handle worst-case scenarios such as C. difficile spores at laboratory-level concentrations.

View our Germ Kill Test Results

Who Can Benefit from the AGD?

The Anti-Germ Dome is perfect for healthcare providers, educational institutions, transportation hubs, corporate offices, restaurants, venues, and any other well-traveled area.

Take Your Health in Your Hands

Revolutionize the way you sanitize your environment by stopping harmful viruses at the source of transmission. Purchase an Anti-Germ Dome today and keep your employees and visitors safe and healthy.