How it Works

The Anti-Germ Dome uses deep ultraviolet LEDs designed to eliminate 99.9% of surfacebourne bacteria and viruses.

Powerful Ultraviolet Light

The Anti-Germ Dome uses three powerful Ultraviolet C LEDs that each emit germicidal light at a strength of 2 millijoules. This is powerful enough to kill most microbial bacteria.

Precision Mounted LEDs

Each LED is strategically positioned to provide maximum coverage for most door handles. This helps to target bacteria that may be on parts of the handle that chemical-based disinfection would not normally reach.

Motion Detection

A highly accurate motion detector confirms when a door handle is used and starts a disinfection cycle. When a person approaches the door handle, the Anti-Germ Dome will detect the presence of a human hand and pause the disinfection cycle already in progress.

How Does UV Germicidal Irradiation Work?

  • Ultraviolet Germicide

    Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation, or UVGI, uses a type of ultraviolet light called UVC. The short wavelength of UVC kills bacteria by disrupting their DNA and destroying nucleic acid.

  • Inability to Multiply

    While not all microbes are destroyed immediately, their ability to multiply is hindered, slowing the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Laboratory Tested,
Real-World Proven

The Anti-Germ Dome has undergone rigorous tests throughout the development cycle to ensure that it can consistently kill germs in concentrations far greater than those found in most environments. This ensures that the AGD is equipped to handle worst-case scenarios such as C. difficile spores at laboratory-level concentrations.

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