Case Studies

The latest and greatest ways the Anti-Germ Dome is helping keep users safe.

Keep your School Safe with the Anti-Germ Dome

Parents and teachers’ top concern is safety - see how Anti-Germ Dome can help.

Protect Your Cruise Ship With The UV-Based Anti-Germ Dome

Cruise ships are especially prone to the virus outbreaks such as the Norovirus and Coronavirus, see how the AGD can help your passengers stay safe.

Third Covid Wave - Here’s How You Can Protect Your Business!

The third wave of Covid is advancing gradually across the globe and the infection rates are rising. To keep your company functional and healthy during this period, consider these effective strategies.

Ultraviolet Disinfection Helps Restaurants Stay Open

In this blog post, we explore how restaurant owners can use Ultraviolet radiation to protect their staff and customers.

Covid-19 Prevention in Assisted Living Facilities with Anti-Germ Dome

To keep the employees and residents safe during the pandemic, assisted living providers can sanitize the highest contact areas with Anti-Germ Dome.

How Industries are using UV Disinfection as a Powerful Tool

The importance of cleanliness and disinfection is now the top priority of all the organizations as they seek to operate productively during the pandemic.