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UV Disinfection Myths Busted

Ultraviolet disinfection is a proven technology and it can reduce the risk of this lethal and highly contagious virus.

The Ultraviolet disinfection technology might save the world from the Covid-19 and its variants. Research and studies are on the way to develop better UV disinfection systems, and it can be said that soon this technology will act as a frontline weapon for this pandemic.

The Germicidal UV technology is being used by many institutions and organizations for sterilizing air and surfaces and even protective equipment like the N95 masks. Experts and leaders around the world are educating the people regarding the potential of the Ultraviolet-C light for killing pathogens including the Coronavirus. The biggest hurdle right now in implementing the Ultraviolet disinfection technology is overcoming the lack of awareness and understanding about this technology. 

Ultraviolet disinfection is a proven technology and it can reduce the risk of this lethal and highly contagious virus. However, people are still being skeptical because of some concerns regarding ultraviolet radiation. In this post we’ll clear all your doubts and misconceptions related to this highly effective technology. So following are the myths about Ultraviolet Disinfection busted:

Myth#1: UV disinfection can cause harm to people

Fact: The Ultraviolet-C rays are highly effective in killing the pathogens but it doesn’t penetrate the skin and eyes deep enough to cause damage. The UV-C light basically causes harm to living cells like microbes, but it can’t penetrate into dead cells that are present on the human skin. The Anti-Germ Dome, however, makes sure that the UV rays still don’t come in direct contact with the skin. It is always good to follow user’s instructions when it comes to using the UV disinfection technology. 

Myth#2: UV-based devices are not energy and cost efficient

Fact: This is a huge misconception because UV-based devices don’t consume a lot of energy. Also, it requires very less energy if it is applied properly; that is, it is applied continuously in one direction over the surface. The Anti-Germ Dome emits continuous cycles of directional UV that makes sure that the germs are killed quickly. Also, it is a one-time investment and doesn’t require any operating costs.

Myth#3: UV-based devices need frequent maintenance

Fact: Another misconception about UV-based devices is that they need a lot of maintenance and replacement. This is totally wrong because the Anti-Germ Dome is designed to operate autonomously. It operates itself and doesn’t need maintenance or replacement. The device has a sturdy design and is equipped with high quality components that last long. It is very durable and since it is a one-time investment, it is highly cost-efficient too. 

Myth#4: UV-C light is blue

Fact: Most of the people think that the ultraviolet light is blue. However, the blue color visible in most of the UV-based devices is not because of the UV-C light because it has no color. Most of the UV-based devices are equipped with argon gas that emits a blue hue.

Myth#5: UV-C causes permanent damage because it emits harmful waves

Fact: Anything can be harmful if it’s handled improperly. In fact, UV-based devices are much safer than the chemical based detergents that are toxic and harmful at the same time. The Ultraviolet technology is physical and it destroys the pathogens without using any type of toxic chemicals. Also, the Anti-Germ Dome is equipped with a sensor that makes sure that the UV light doesn’t come in contact with human skin. 

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